We are a multidisciplinary team
led by women,

well recognized for building strong partnerships with experienced, ambitious entrepreneurs with a clear fundraising journey, that have proven their ability to attract talent, acquire resources and execute a disruptive business model.

The Team has been investing

in early stage companies in LAC and US, initially as angel investors since 2003, and from the EWA platform since 2015.

“We recognize the importance of building organizations that promote gender diversity and gender equality conditions”

We seek for early stage companies with
disruptive models

in which technology is an enabler to solve a socio-economic condition. EWA II targets investments in companies with a minimum viable product, a proven market fit, a recurring and steep growing customer base.

We seek entrepreneurs that are building organizations with a purpose, that share our values and criteria.

  End customer

  Gender inclusion

  ESG Policies

  Interest alignment


Our strategy

Commercial Positioning

EWA Capital firmly believes that the best way to create value alongside entrepreneurs is through a hands-on approach, in which the Team aims to build a close relationship with entrepreneurs, increasing receptiveness, generating earlier awareness of crucial challenges, and connecting with strategic partners using EWA’s network.

Organizational Design

Prior to investment, the Team along with the entrepreneurs establish a plan to solidify the investment thesis and identify specific actions required to build and grow the company to the next level. The plan includes: 1) key hires plan in which the Team provides operational expertise to management by bringing nosiness tools, 2) best practices 3) consolidation of a strong corporate governance and 3) its strong network in order to attract talent and smart capital.

Fundraising strategy

EWA Team is able to build strong relationships with the entrepreneurs, allowing on firsthand the Team to fully understand the company’s ability to create value, follow the performance of the business and its path to growth well in advance of a potential investment. Leveraging from our local and international network, portfolio companies can build relationships with various strategic and financial co-investors.