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About Us

EWA Capital seeks early stage companies with disruptive models in which technology is an enabler to solve a socio-economic condition. EWA II targets investments in companies with a minimum viable product, a proven market fit, a recurring and steep growing customer base and sustainable unit economics.

Our commitment

Through a gender smart approach EWA is committed to obtaining high returns and shaping social change by backing entrepreneurs under a hands on methodology. By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Multi-disciplinary and Prevailing Team

With cumulative experience as a team investing in early stage companies, EWA Capital has a complementary approach towards value creation in portfolio companies, leveraging each others’ strengths and experiences as former institutional investors, entrepreneurs and experienced fund managers.

"Entrepreneurship is the key factor behind the socioeconomic
improvement of the region."


Patricia Sáenz

Managing and Founding Partner

Over 15 years of experience investing and building companies in Colombia. More than four years of experience as Business Angel Investor and VC Fund Manager, investing in more than 10 startups, creating FMV of 2,5X in 3.5 years. Evaluated + 300 opportunities in the past 3 years.

Paula Arango

Paula Arango

Principal & Partner

+10 years of experience in early stage investing, portfolio management and investment banking. Prior to joining EWA, Paula worked with Elevar Equity Latin America portfolio companies. Paula brings to EWA Capital a broad experience in structuring investments, leading due diligence and building portfolio management processes. Her experience in building successful organizations through active advisory and strong relationships with management teams results key to EWA investment strategy.

Pablo González

Pablo González

Serial Entrepreneur & Partner

Pablo is a serial entrepreneur with +16 years of experience in building companies. Angel investor of +15 companies, he is cofounder Merqueo and Domicilios.com, one of the most successful VC cases of the region with an IPO (2017) in Frankfurt through Delivery Hero.

Pedro Vallejo

Pedro Vallejo

Director & Partner

+4 years of professional experience in investment banking and PE, structuring and executing transactions for +US$30m. VC fund operating experience, investing analysis, company valuation and portfolio management, in 7 startups in the last 3 years, creating FMV of 1,53X. Evaluated +430 VC investment opportunities in the past 4 years.

"By properly understanding the needs of the region we focus on
promoting and achieving its full potential."


Daniel Wild

Daniel Wild

CEO, Partner
Mountain Partners

Serial entrepreneur and recognized investor in the digital industry. Has +15 years of experience investing in +200 startups with an active portfolio of +120 companies and 50 exits (10 of them IPOs). MP is ranked as one of the most active VC investors in Switzerland according to Pitchbook, with +11,000 jobs generated and 13 international innovation hubs.

Nicolas Loaiza

CEO, Founder

Serial entrepreneur, co founder of Bodytech with +25 years of experience in business development, growth and expansion. Former member of Endeavor´s Board of Directors. Experienced business angel investor.

Carlos Castañeda

Carlos Castañeda

Managing Director
Accenture Colombia

IT entrepreneur and strategy consultant for digital business. Carlos leads the Open Innovation Accenture initiative in Colombia, connecting its clients with technologies that are shaping the digital world. The open innovation team interacts with startups, VC funds, accelerators and universities around the world. Prior to Accenture Carlos was Country Manager of Wayra Colombia, responsible for selecting, investing and developing tech startups.

"Organizations that embrace gender diversity are 15% more likely to succeed."

Track Record

Fund 1, past 3.5 years

jobs generated
Cumulative Annual Revenue Growth (2016-2019)
Outgrowing the Median Return of the industry by 20.15% (for the same vintage portfolios)

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