EWA I portfolio companies


Year Founded: 2015
HQ: Bogota, Colombia
Founders: Miguel Mc Allister, Sebastián Noguera, Pablo González, Jose Calderon.

Merqueo is the operator of the first online soft discounter in Colombia, offering prices between 10% and 25% lower than other supermarkets, through their web and mobile platform. They deliver the orders in 8 hours, offering coverage in Bogotá and Medellín.


Year Founded: 2016
HQ: Miami, USA
Founders: Hernán Rodriguez, Diego Paramo, Alexander Gedranovich.

EPICA is a technological platform offering prediction as a service. Through the consolidation of real time databases and its artificial intelligence engine, EPICA generates predictive models for the offline and online businesses.


Year Founded: 2014
HQ: Bogotá, Colombia
Founders: Javier Cardona, Nicolás Durán.

1DOC3 is an online platform that solves unlimited, free and anonymous healthcare questions with professional doctors. 1DOC3 gathers, organizes and transforms valuable data for the healthcare industry through the interactions within their network with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.


Year Founded: 2015
HQ: Barranquilla, Colombia
Founders: Jose Lominette, Luis Nieto, Diego De La Ossa, Mauricio Alvarado.

GoCargo is a technological platform targeting the integration of the logistics and transportation chain. GoCargo integrates load generators, cargo transportation companies and carriers for land transportation services in the Colombian territory.


Year Founded: 2013
HQ: Bogotá, Colombia
Founders: Freddy Vega, Christian Van Der Henst.

Platzi is a digital education platform with presence in Latin America and Spain that offers courses in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, software development and coding, complementing students’ key soft skills. The company has reached industry outstanding course completion rates.

We build strong relationships with founders helping them leverage their StartUp

Purposeful investment


“EWA was one of the most important funds in our seed round. Their local market knowledge helped us reach key customers in the regional ecosystem, which allowed us to boost most of our core businesses. During the investment process they where committed to understanding our company and structure, focusing and supporting our vision as founders. Very profesional Due Diligence process”.

Freddy Vega, Platzi CEO


“Patricia and EWA team have been a huge support for Merqueo. During all this years few investors have supported our business and worked as hard as they have to achieve our objectives”.

Miguel Mc Allister, Merqueo CEO


“Patricia and the EWA team have been decisive for the evolution of 1DOC3 during the last 18 months, we find them as the best definition of Smart Money, we have received the support of fund and its extensive network of contacts in Colombia, the region and Europe”.

Javier Cardona, 1DOC3 CEO

Inactive portfolio


Year Founded: 2015
HQ: Seattle, USA
Founders: Joe Dieter, Benjamin Willis.

Human Inc designs, produces and commercializes high tech wearable devices for everyday use, focusing on merging design and ergonomics to provide utility and durability in their products.


Year Founded: 2015
HQ: Medellin, Colombia
Founders: Jonathan Duarte, Andrea Echavarria, Juliana Uribe.

Escala encourages people to save money for high-level education for their younger family (Escala Futuro) or for themselves (Escala Progresa). The savings plans offered benefit from alliances with employers and education institutions.

Critical Masser

Year Founded: 2016
HQ: Mexico DF, Mexico
Bahigh Acuña, Jos Labarthe.

Critical Masser is an Ad-Tech company that boosts digital marketing through users interactivity making digital spending more efficient.