Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team led by women, dedicated to taking the top entrepreneurs to new highs and adding value to your amazing journey_

Patricia Sáenz_

Managing & Founding Partner Seasoned Investor and Builder

+15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in the financial system. Facilitated over US$100 million in foreign investments in Colombia and Latin America.  More than 9 years of experience as an angel investor and VC fund manager (Fund Nazca Investment – EWA Capital), Evaluated +800 opportunities in the past years. Strong belief in entrepreneurship as an engine for economic development and closing inequality gaps.

Served as President of the board of Colcapital (Colombian PE and VC Association), representing VC funds. Ambassador of WeInvest for Colombia and member of WIC. Graduated with honors in Business Studies from City University and holds an MBA from Instituto Empresa Madrid.

Pablo González_

Operating Partner Serial entrepreneur

+16 years of experience in building companies as a serial entrepreneur. Angel investor of +15 companies, and a recognized entrepreneur. Cofounder of Domicilios.com, one of the most successful VC cases of the region with an IPO (2017) in Frankfurt through Delivery Hero. Pablo continued his co-founder trajectory with Merqueo, one of the portfolio companies in the former FCP EWA I.

Melissa Sesana_

Operating partner Impact-focused finance expert

+7 years of experience in finance and social impact, raising and managing venture capital. Co-founder of Asiri and Principal of Inversiones Brembo. Executive board member of TValley and SunColombia, and advisory board member of TSLC (Singapore), Mamazen (Italy), and Zhana Solutions (Colombia). Founding member and Chair of UNICEF’s NextGen Global Principals.

Focused on identifying high-impact opportunities in emerging markets.

Melissa received a BA from George Washington University with additional studies at the University of Oxford and Harvard University. Strong belief in using catalytic capital to address environmental and social issues, and has built an international client base interested in growth investments in emerging markets.

Víctor Muñoz_

Operating Partner Tech and Go-To-Market Expert

+10 years as investor. He has dedicated his professional career to develop and scale technological business models. He has worked with leading corporations in Colombia and Latin America such as Comdata Group, Digitex Group and Carvajal Group. He has also been an entrepreneur, angel investor, and has run successful acceleration programs. Victor contributed to the development of Colombia’s policies for the fourth industrial revolution, IoT, AI and Blockchain as former Economic Matters and Digital transformation National Counselor. In 2020, he was chosen by Apolitical as one of the 50 most influential global leaders in the world Who revolutionize governance on Digital Transformation issues.

Carlos Fernandez de la Pradilla_

Operating Partner Investor and company builder

+18 years of experience as an active investor. Carlos worked for a leading private equity firm in Spain for more than 10 years and led the expansion in the Andean Region. He co-founded and led as CFO Polymath Ventures, a venture studio focused on building companies. In addition, he has been an active angel investor, investing in both startups and venture capital funds in Latam and Spain. Carlos also had business experience co-founding two companies in the renewable energy and nanotechnology space. He also cofounded Blum, a social business creator focused on philanthropic start-ups for women.

Jaime Bastidas_

Principal A seasoned leader in business and ecosystem development

+11 years  in business development and ecosystem development. Jaime is unite passions for investing, driving impactful change, and collaborating with high-potential entrepreneurs. My over ten years in the entrepreneurial ecosystem include roles as an investor, entrepreneur, and influential contributor to high-impact programs. Specializing in investment structuring, portfolio management, and impact investing, I’ve developed a strong track record in sectors like fintech, foodtech, and renewable energy, among others.

Maria Jose Vinueza_

Senior Investment Associate Finance Expert focus on Unlocking Growth & Efficiency

+6 years of expertise in strategic problem-solving and growth acceleration. Holds a Master’s in Finance, skilled in crafting and analyzing business models to drive profitability. Currently, Senior Investment Associate and Impact Leader at EWA Capital, contributing to portfolio management. Previously, Financial Controlling Analyst at a commodity trading firm and started career at a consulting firm helping startups. Graduated summa cum laude in International Business Management and Supply Chain and Logistics, with a Master’s degree in Finance, advocating for sustainable development.

Andres Publio Gentile_

Junior Analyst Rising Star in Strategic Development and Implementation

+3 years of experience fully involved in the startup ecosystem

As a budding professional with a mechanical engineering background, I have developed a blend of entrepreneurial, technical, and programming skills. My experience includes leading community growth initiatives and enhancing networking skills. I have honed my expertise in full-stack web development, demonstrating both my programming prowess and collaborative abilities. Additionally, I’ve successfully managed content strategy and social media, significantly boosting brand engagement. My project management skills are further showcased in my ability to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. My entrepreneurial journey has also involved product development and market validation, demonstrating my capacity for strategic thinking and innovation.

Paula Pinilla_

Administrative and Financial Assistant

+20 years of experience in leadership roles within administrative areas across various industries. Focus on constructing accurate and timely financial reports and analyzing critical information for strategic decision-making. Skilled in coordinating teams to effectively gather, analyze, and present financial data. Proficient in implementing processes that enhance efficiency and transparency in administrative and financial management, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Adaptable to dynamic environments, developing innovative solutions to optimize financial performance. Passionate about continuous improvement and dedicated to longterm organizational success.

Carlos Gómez_

Chief Financial Officer

+20 years of experience in Corporate Finance in areas such as M&A, Business Valuation and Financial planning and control.

He has worked with Investment banking and consulting firms such as Inverlink, Proinbank, Innosulting and Everis.

Partner of Asiri, a Private investment vehicle focused primarily on impact investment and management.
Carlos is an Engineer + MBA from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.