• We invest in early-stage tech companies with disruptive, scalable business models.
  • We invest in companies in which technology drives progress leading to the transformation of the region.
  • We invest in companies that are committed to closing the gender gap_

We practice a hands-on approach. We foster partnerships that transcend mere financial support. By establishing a tight-knit collaboration with entrepreneurs, we enhance responsiveness, ensure early identification of critical challenges, and facilitate connections with pivotal strategic partners through the extensive EWA network. We are committed to scaling regional business by leveraging our collective expertise and resources to create unparalleled, multidimensional value.


We believe in smart money. We don’t just invest financial capital, we invest knowledge and experience that propel growth. We provide a comprehensive ecosystem of support including Operating Partners with industry expertise, extensive networks, governance guidance, and fundraising assistance. Based in Bogota, our multidisciplinary team and pool of institutional investors from Fund I bring a wealth of experience that is strategically leveraged for success. EWA empowers start-ups for long-term success._
At its core, our investment strategy is committed to investing in start-ups with a minimum viable product (MVP) that have demonstrated market fit and exhibit a fast-growing, recurring customer base. We have a special focus on Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, from seed stage to pre-Series A. In addition, a gender focus and sector agnosticism, ensure that we partner with companies poised for significant impact and growth._

Our investment philosophy lies in the principle of fostering gender equality and women’s empowerment. This is where our commitment to a Gender-Smart Footprint comes into play. We allocate 40% of our fund specifically towards investing in companies that are not just leading in their field, but are also pioneering in gender representation. This means that we are looking for companies where at least 30% of the founding team, board of directors, or C-Level executives are women. Additionally, we prioritize businesses where a significant portion of their user base – precisely 60% – benefits women directly. 

Our commitment doesn’t stop with just numbers. We require a 100% commitment from these companies to actively promote gender equality and empower women within their organization._

We invest $200K to $1.5M in startups ready to scale. This funding is your launchpad for growth, offering not just capital but a partnership for success._
Our approach centers on empowering entrepreneurs to generate and measure impact effectively. Recognizing that many founders might not fully grasp how to quantify or leverage their impact, we step in to bridge this gap. We guide our founders in developing a robust impact strategy, aligning their business goals with tangible positive outcomes. Through collaboration, we help craft a strategy that not only aligns with but also amplifies their impact, ensuring they can make a meaningful difference in their field._